EL CUBANO CALLEJERO (The street cuban)


This is a video reportage about the incredible but true story of Rogelio “el Cubano”, a Cuban musician who lived almost one year in the streets of Morocco, finding himself without papers in a “legal limbo”, without getting any help from Morocco, Spain or Cuba to get out of this miserable situation; running out of money and becoming a homeless.

This short film was made to spread his story and get people involved to help. Luckily it worked… after growing in social media and reaching international press, the case could be solved. Rogelio became a transit visa and crossed to Ceuta on Spanish ground.



Original version HERE!




TV program “A Fondo” on América TeVé

El País



…infinite thanks to all the people who, without even knowing Rogelio, got involved and did whatever they could to help, specially RED INTERNACIONAL DE ABOGADOS EUREKA, who finally managed to solve the legal issue to help el Cubano to get out of Morocco in June 2014, after almost one year in the streets.


Now Rogelio lives with his wife in Tenerife.



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